Why Aberdeen?

It’s cold and grey! That’s the perception of Aberdeen City, but it’s cold because we are set on the stunning coast line of the North Sea. It’s grey because we are built of Granite, an igneous rock formed from the crystallisation of magma which, when you catch it on a sunny day, sparkles like diamonds bringing our magnificent buildings to life. This is why Aberdeen City is famously known as the “Granite City” or “The Silver City by the Golden Sands”.

Aberdeen City features a plethora of culture, dining and entertainment from the historic His Majesty’s Theatre to the modern indoor and outdoor adventure theme parks. We have art, music, history, science and gardens for everyone to enjoy.

When you take a walk up Union Street, named such to commemorate the union of Britain and Ireland, you will find a diverse range of dining experiences with choices from every cuisine and culture. Not to mention the array of bars from trendy cocktail lounges to traditional Scottish and Irish pubs, all offering a warm welcome to locals and visitors.

If shopping is your thing then you have come to the right place. There is a wide variety of high-street stores to independent boutiques situated up the main high street and throughout the 3 large shopping centres.

Aberdeen City has it all from culture and sightseeing to dining, nightlife and entertainment. There is an overwhelming choice of places to stay, things to see and do and that’s before you have even ventured out in to Aberdeenshire following the whisky, heritage and castle trails.

Aberdeen harbour tower smaller Why Aberdeen