Why choose Aberdeen as a destination?

Aberdeen prides itself on having an endless list of attractions and activities not only for visitors to the city but also for its residents.

Here at the Aberdeen Douglas Hotel – we often get asked “what is there to do in Aberdeen?” Well there’s plenty – from the beautiful landscapes incorporating both mountains and sea, to the hive of busy bars and restaurants that surround Union Street – you won’t be disappointed.

Here’s our list of 5 reasons you should Visit Aberdeen: 

Old Aberdeen: (St Machar Cathedral, Aberdeen University, Seaton Park)
Just a few minutes bus journey from the hotel along King Street will take you to a place a world apart from the rest of the Granite City. Here, almost uniquely in Scotland, you can visit a medieval Cathedral, a late medieval bridge and a late 15th Century University. Often forgotten by the tourist brochures – Old Aberdeen is a network of tiny cobbled streets and atmostphereic old cottages brought to life by students and professionals attuning Aberdeen University. An Idyllic & historic place – it is perf2334121955 529a56ce6d Why choose Aberdeen as a destination?ect for visitors to saunter around – enjoying a coffee or a drink around the university grounds and to visit iconic buildings such as St Machar Cathedral. Seaton Park, a large expansive area with a playground, sporting areas and luscious riverbed also sits in the heart of Old Aberdeen.
Aberdeen Beach: (Codonnas Amusements, Footdee, Torry Lighthouse)
Just a 15 minutes stroll through the historic Castlegate lies Aberdeen’s famous coastline and beach resort. The beach itself is famous for its golden sand and its long curved length between the harbour and the River Don’s mouth and is popular with walkers, surfers and windsurfers. The beach has a popular amusement area along the Esplanade where there are plenty of restaurants and the city’s amusement park – Codonas. Keep walking towards the Harbour area and explore Aberdeen’s traditional fishers village built in the 19th Century. After that, stroll around the harbour and take in the sights of Torry Lighthouse which has been safeguarding the area since 1833.
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Stonehaven: (Dunnottar Castle)
With the train station just a few minutes walk away – a day trip to Stonehaven is well worth while. Just a 15 minute journey and you will arrive in one of Aberdeen’s most quaint fishing towns. Visit the historic Dunnottar Castle for an unforgettable experience. A dramatic and evocative ruined cliff top fortress in a truly stunning setting – as you wonder around the ruined site – you will discover the importance of Dunnottar, an impregnable Castle that holds many rich secrets of Scotland’s colourful past. William Wallace, Mary Queen of Scots, the Marquis of Montrose and the future King Charles II, all graced the Castle with their presence. After all the sea air – you are bound to have worked up a hunger! Pop into Molly’s where you can enjoy fresh battered haddock and chips.

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Shopping: (Union Square, Maritime Museum)
If you wish to stay close to home – enjoy a day out shopping in the city’s largest complex  – Union Square. The complex is home to all the High Street stores you can think of and is a hive of activitiy with shoppers bustling about everyday. Afterwards, take a visit to the Maritime Museum just behind us on Shiprow and learn about Aberdeen’s journey as one of the largest fishing ports in the UK to becoming the centre of Oil & Gas exploration and distribution in Europe. Afterwards – pop through to Molly’s and try out on of our famous daily specials – created by the head chef that day and a nice bottle of wine – selected by your server. You can always then make your way down to Malones Irish Bar Aberdeen to partake in the friendly atmosphere and the live music every night.
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Arts, Culture and Music:
While in Aberdeen it is worth spending a day and evening exploring it’s culture – there are many art galleries and cultural venues within walking distance of Molly’s. Check out what’s on at HMT Theatre which boasts a huge range of Broadway produtions over the year. Or – enjoy a live gig at at The Lemon Tree or The Tunnels, both of which feature local and global artists every weekend. Before heading out to explore – enjoy a pre-theatre meal at Molly’s.
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